Dark Chocolate Torrone
(Slice 4.5 oz)


Nougat slice- chewy, soft torrone covered in delicious dark chocolate. This is a perfect-sized slice for a small thank you or a late night snack.

Torrone di Cremona is a traditional nougat that can be found in many regions throughout Italy, Spain and France thanks to the Arabs. The word torrone is definitely of Latin origin and comes from “torrere”, meaning to toast. Torrone is made with toasted almonds, honey and other ingredients including egg whites.

Torrone is made using the same ingredients and methods as it was in the past. Egg whites and honey is poured into a large pot and the ingredients are mixed quickly until they have formed a dense, white mixture. This processes is called sbianchimento, or “whitening”. Next, the mixture is heated and mixed slowly. Traditionally, this part could take about 11 hours.  At this point, a small amount of sugar can be added, before adding the toasted almonds or hazelnuts.