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Orgasm on a Stick…..Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti!!

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In her book Chocolate Unwrapped, Sarah Jane Evans, one of the UK’s leading food writers and a founding member of the Academy of Chocolate, says that the characteristic of Ecuador’s fine cocoa is “a floral profile with blackcurrants and spice.”

Chocolate tasters say the aroma of “Ecuador’s cacao is more complex because Arriba beans vary hugely in taste and size” according to the area in which they are grown.

I was pretty excited when my shipment for organic “Ecuador Cocoa” arrived. I wanted to know if all the”HOOPLA” surrounding this product was actually worth it’s weight in gold- or “black gold” as they refer to it in Ecuador.

The Cocoa didn’t disappoint- when I opened the packaging an aroma of blackcurrants and spice seemed to fill the air. The actual texture of the cocoa in my biscotti was a lot more dense with a sensuality arousing all of my senses. Hazelnuts are always roasted to extract the essence of the nuts to ensure maximum flavour, and to be honest these biscotti’s are definitely an orgasm on a stick!!! Enjoy!!!




Italian Crack in a Jar….aka Compote!

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Italian Crack in a Jar….aka Compote!

Compote can be made with fresh or dried fruit (whole or cut into pieces) that’s slowly cooked in a sugar syrup (sometimes containing liquor and spices). Slow cooking is important for the fruit to maintain its shape.

The Culinary Institute of America considers compote to be one of two types of fruit sauce: there’s coulis, made with smooth, pureed fruit and then there’s compote, which is a chunky mixture.

Although all of our Jars are sterilized; our compotes have a shelf life of less then 14 days and must be refrigerated immediately upon arrival. We ship all of our compotes within 24 hours to maintain freshness and to ensure that they do not spoil.

My best friend who is a Cardiologist admitted that our compotes are so addictive, that a midnight run with a spoon in tow, out of the jar is the best way to enjoy.

Compote is fantastic on Waffles, Pancakes, Greek Yogurt or even ICE Cream!! Enjoy our “Crack in a Jar”, Italian style!!!

Italian Lemon Pound Cake……Better than your average Muffin Top :)

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Italian Fresh Tangy Lemon Cake, made with fresh Lemons.  The Perfect Breakfast or Snack Cake.  Fast, Easy and so Delicious.

This recipe has been in my family for generations and it’s simply a fantastic alternative to your morning muffin. The texture is much lighter than your traditional poundcake, compounded with a lemon glaze that is simply tangy and fresh. Not to mention without the added calories of your traditional poundcake.