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Orgasm on a Stick…..Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti!!

By November 14, 2016Biscotti


In her book Chocolate Unwrapped, Sarah Jane Evans, one of the UK’s leading food writers and a founding member of the Academy of Chocolate, says that the characteristic of Ecuador’s fine cocoa is “a floral profile with blackcurrants and spice.”

Chocolate tasters say the aroma of “Ecuador’s cacao is more complex because Arriba beans vary hugely in taste and size” according to the area in which they are grown.

I was pretty excited when my shipment for organic “Ecuador Cocoa” arrived. I wanted to know if all the”HOOPLA” surrounding this product was actually worth it’s weight in gold- or “black gold” as they refer to it in Ecuador.

The Cocoa didn’t disappoint- when I opened the packaging an aroma of blackcurrants and spice seemed to fill the air. The actual texture of the cocoa in my biscotti was a lot more dense with a sensuality arousing all of my senses. Hazelnuts are always roasted to extract the essence of the nuts to ensure maximum flavour, and to be honest these biscotti’s are definitely an orgasm on a stick!!! Enjoy!!!



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