Savor our unique variety of Italian dolci, handmade the old fashioned way. Our confectionery is made with the finest natural ingredients.
Freshly grated orange-lemon zest, pure Madagascar vanilla and sweet organic butter are a few essential secrets when creating our sweets.
Enjoy our handmade dolci with a steaming cup of coffee, hot tea or a glass of wine.
If you love Italian confectionery, get ready to fall in love all over again with Sogni di Dolci.


I grew up in Liguria Italy, and moved to North America in my late teens, and have been obsessed with baking, ever since I can remember.  The smells, sights, and texture of sweets or “Dolci” as they say in Italian, instilled nostalgia of returning home where food is considered a window to one’s soul.


A little something “per la bocca”

Our recipe for Italian confectionery is no secret. We simply use the freshest ingredients available, add multiple generations of family-developed secrets, throw in a good helping of authenticity, and years of experience. Mix thoroughly, and Bada-Bing, you’ve got unrivaled Italian confectionery.


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Sogni di Dolci confectionery & quality are synonymous with up-market value for high- end Italian sweets. With impeccable customer service we will supply you with a variety of hand made cookies, chocolates and sweets for big or small events. Do not hesitate to contact us we look forward in hearing from you.